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Today is an A Day.  (Brunch is a CLOSED campus as is ALWAYS the case.)  
HOLIDAY Schedule - Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday (NO School THIS Wed/Thurs/Fri, 11/26-28), today,TUESDAY (11/25) will remain an A Day.  EVERYONE returns Monday, Dec 1 for a “Regular” (MC/A/B/A/B) week.  Enjoy your time off!


Attention - Pick up your Pictures and ID Cards TODAY at Brunch and Lunch from Cheryl in the Front Office.

Saturday School/Formal Dance - There are only THREE Saturday Schools left (12/6, 1/10, and 1/24) BEFORE this year’s FORMAL DANCE (Feb 6) and TWO of them are scheduled SAT Testing (12/6 and 1/24).  FYI…Saturday School is 8:30a-12:30p (gate opens at 8:15a). Bring homework OR appropriate book to read or you WILL be sent home. Dress casual.

COSMOS - California State Summer School at UCSC, UCD, UCI, or UCSD will be at SHS on Wednesday, 12/3 in Ms. Alaimo’s Rm. 211 at Lunch to present about their summer research in Math and Science.  Sign up in Counseling for an early release from your B6 class if needed.  See or email Mrs. Banks with any questions.



Job Opportunity - There are Game Operator openings at The Boardwalk that start Sunday, Dec 21.  Go to their website and apply online now!

Parking Permits - The new-year Parking Permit Placards are IN.  Bring your COMPLETED and APPROVED Permit Application in WITH your money to see Beatriz in Finance BEFORE school, at Brunch OR at Lunch ONLY.  If you haven’t yet picked up your Application, do so NOW - they are still available from Cheryl in the Front Office.  FYI, all past-year placards WILL BE confiscated if not destroyed.  You may bring them to Front Office to Cheryl to have them done so IF you want.

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