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Today is an MC Day.  (Welcome back from your holidays!  Brunch is a CLOSED campus as is ALWAYS the case DAILY and Lunch will NOT be served due to the shortened day.)


Fundraiser - There will be a fundraising event for a NEW (Lower) MARQUEE on Monday, 1/12/15 from 4-9p at 41st Ave Pizza My Heart.  Just mention SHS!

Parking Permits - Starting Monday, 1/12/15, the parking lot will be HEAVILY enforced.  If you don’t have a Parking Permit...GET ONE NOW!!  The new-year Parking Permit Placards are IN.  Bring your COMPLETED and APPROVED Permit Application in WITH your money to see Beatriz in Finance BEFORE school, at Brunch OR at Lunch ONLY.  If you haven’t yet picked up your Application, do so NOW - they are still available from Cheryl in the Front Office.  FYI, all past-year placards WILL BE confiscated if not destroyed.  You may bring them to Front Office to Cheryl to have them done so IF you want.

Saturday School/Formal Dance - There are only TWO Saturday Schools left (1/10 and 1/24) BEFORE this year’s FORMAL DANCE (Feb 6) and ONE of them is scheduled SAT Testing (1/24).  FYI…Saturday School is 8:30a-12:30p (gate opens at 8:15a). Bring homework OR appropriate book to read or you WILL be sent home. Dress casual.  The NEXT one will be THIS Saturday, 1/10/15!
Carryover - In preparation for the upcoming Winter Formal (Feb 6), please check the Saturday School Carryover List in the Student Services Display Case.  Find your ID Number and the number BELOW it is your TOTAL Saturday Schools owed (summarizing the line above).



Lost & Found - Display of unclaimed items is cancelled for now due to weather.  Will keep you posted!

Attention - Pick up your Pictures and ID Cards TODAY at Brunch and Lunch from Cheryl in the Front Office.  ASB stickers are also with Cheryl if you bring in your ID.

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