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Today is an A Day.  (Brunch is a CLOSED campus.)

SHOUTOUT - Congratulations to our Homecoming Court winners…”Nikki” Baker & “Mickey” Threet, Natalie Diaz & Cade Gotthardt, Hannah Frankl & “Matt” Hohmann, Carla Diaz & “Joe” Martin, and “Alli” Walters & Ramon Zambrano.  Thanx to EVERYONE for voting!

ASB - Stickers can be applied if you take your ID card to Ms. Dawson in Rm 220 during Brunch OR Lunch.


Homework Club - Starts TODAY Tuesday, Sept 16 from 3-4p in the Library, Monday through Friday.  Come check it out and use our great resources!

Environmental Club - Are you concerned with the world’s health and current state?  If you are, you need to join Environmental Club!  You can hang out, have fun, and save the planet at the same time!  Meetings are held Thursdays at Brunch in Rm. 327.

Writing Club - Do you enjoy writing and creating fun stories with your friends?  Join Writing Club!  You can build your writing skills as well as help others!  Fridays at Lunch in Rm. 116.

Surf Team - Practice will be held at Pleasure Point at 3:30p on Friday...meet at the benches.  ALSO, practice will be held Monday at 2p.  Thank you, hope to see you there.  

Biology Club - YES, on Wednesdays at LUNCH in Rm. 211!  Hope to see you there!
Come learn about what makes you, YOU!   


Mock Trial - Classes are Monday nights in the Library at 6:30p SHARP!

ID Cards - Front Office during Brunch AND Lunch.  
Make-up/Re-take Picture Day Tuesday, Sept 30 in the MU, Brunch through Lunch.  

Saturday School - For those students who have “Carryover” from one or more prior years, you can get DOUBLE credit by attending our NEXT Saturday School on Saturday, Sept 27.  (NOT this weekend, Sept 20.)

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