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alumni_golf_2007The Soquel High Fund has been established to support academic, art, and athletic programs at Soquel High School, now and in the future. We are a group of parents, alumni, staff and community members working through a non-profit organization to strengthen Soquel High School and to ensure that all our students enjoy the very best educational experience. They have a website at visit there for more information.

The Soquel High Fund:

  • Allows academic, art and athletic programs to receive funds under a non-profit entity
  • Allows alumni to invest in their heritage at Soquel High now and into the future
  • Creates opportunities for scholarships in academics, arts and athletics
  • Provides a means for our community to become involved with our local high school
  • Raises funds for academic, art and athletic programs
  • Encourages volunteer support for our high school
  • Seeks donations for facility improvements

Soquel High Fund Board of Trustees

President – Donna Mosich
Vice President - Shannon Fidiam
Secretary – Patti Kolar
Treasurer – Janet Edwards

Marlene Robinson - Board Member
Richard Wygant - Board Member
Michelle Bradley  - Board Member


Contact Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Printable Forms:

  • Soquel High Fund Expenditure Form
  •  Soquel High Fund Deposit Form
  •  More Forms available at :


                             Stay involved in your child’s education.

         Parent Involvement = Student Success

    The Soquel High Fund offers a way for you to stay involved, meet other parents, and help to make Soquel High a better place for your student.

    We are a group of parents, community members, alumni, and staff committed to improving academic, art, and athletic programs at Soquel High School. Since 2004, we have:

    • Raised more than $20,000 annually to support Arts, Athletics, and Academics at Soquel High.
    • Provided Non-profit status and a "bank" to our school groups for fund-raising.
    • Improved communications through a weekly e-mailed newsletter and school website (
    • Created our own Soquel High Fund website with donate online capabilities (
    • Created a successful annual Golf Tournament and donation campaign.

    Please join us at our monthly meeting usually the first Tuesday of the month. Check the bulletin board in the main office for the specific time and place. Or click here:  Meeting Dates

    With the District and our school facing severe budget cuts, it is even more important than ever for our parent community to help out. This coming year will be very challenging, and we will need new ideas and people in order to sustain our basic academic, art and athletic programs at Soquel High.