Handy Spanish Hotkeys   

Un día, cuando estás escribiendo en español, dices a su mismo, "Que lástima! Cómo puedo escribir el ñ? Ahora necesito parar lo que estoy haciendo y buscarlo en los Symbols!" Mi amigo... sufras no más.

One day you're busy typing in Spanish, when you say to yourself, "Darn it! How do I type the N with the little wavy thing?! Now I have to stop what I'm doing and find it in the Symbols panel!" Well, my friend... suffer no longer.

"+" means press these keys at the SAME TIME!

¡ = CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + 1

¿ = CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + /

é = CTRL + ‘ , then e

í = CTRL + ‘ , then i

á = CTRL + ‘ , then a

ó = CTRL + ‘ , then o

ú = CTRL + ‘ , then u

ý = CTRL + ‘ , then y

ñ = CTRL + SHIFT + ~ , then n

NOTE: These don’t work in Powerpoint, and might not work in anything else,
but they all definitely work in Word. If you're working on something else (like, say,
a Powerpoint presentation) have a Word document open and handy for typing, cutting
and pasting.

De su amiga,
Clio Mykland, Clase de 2008

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